mars 2011

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Mmmm. At the moment I’d just like to run away from everything. Everything seems to be heavy, difficult, painful. I don’t want to see anyone, I’d like to be able not to talk, and I find myself writing here, after so many weeks of deep silence.

Berlin is sunny and beautiful at that time of the year. We never had such a nice winter, the sun gratified us with a lot of appearance, spring is coming fast, the air is just cold as it should be.

It feels awful. The light doesn’t change a thing. I don’t see the city, I don’t understand what it wants from me. I just want away, far away, to dive in something else, closer to what I really am.

People are still coming to this place that doesn’t look like anything now. If you’re not fashion, hype, mother, diso, dancing, culture-oriented, cool, international, you are just nothing.

My friends leave. People change. The city has changed. It is normal, and more than anything, it is positive. I’m the only one stuck there, with the same non-evolving perspective.

And I just don’t know what to do.